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Marble Memorials

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ref. krm01
carrara marble with carved detail
ref. EC184
carrara marble with carved detail
ref. EC188
carrara marble with book carving and floral carving
ref. L11
carrara marble carved scroll and figures
ref. L16
carrara marble open book
ref. L52
carrara marble open book with cherub carving
ref. L58
carrara marble open book with tier base and vases
ref. L60
carrara marble heart with floral carving
ref. LM700
carrara marble heart with vases and cherub carving
ref. LM703
grey marble with dolphin carving
ref. LM705
carrara marble with our lady carving
ref. LM708
carrara marble heart with open hands
ref. RL557
carrara marble heart and vase with floral carving

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