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ref. krch01
honed granite double ogee top

ref. krch02
honed granite gothic top
ref. krch03
honed granite rustic
ref. krch04
honed granite oval top
ref. krch05
honed granite double oval top
ref. krch06
part polished dark grey granite round top
ref. krch07
part polished grey granite gothic top
ref. krch08
part polished grey granite round top
ref. krch09
honed grey granite check ogee top
ref. krch10
honed grey granite centre peon check top
ref. krch11
rustic grey granite round top
ref. krch12
honed grey granite square check top
ref. krch13
part polished grey granite round top

ref. L66
portland stone with cross

ref. L67
honed light grey granite with cross
ref. L69
rubbed limestone flower carving
ref. L71
serena limestone with vase
ref. LM701
welsh slate with carved figure
ref. LM706
reuubed limestone with chamfer and flower carving
ref. LM710
rubbed sandstone with flower carving
ref. LM711
rubbed limestone with chamfer
ref. LM712
welsh slate with horse and plough carving
ref. RL194
rubbed limestone with cross
ref. RL302
rustic sandstone with cross
ref. RL304
rubbed limestone with chamfer and rose carving
ref. RL305
rubbed limestone with floral carving

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