Before renovation.Years of neglect had allowed algae and dirt deposits to build up on the surface of the white marble. The inscription had all but dissapeared.


I offer a complete renovation service including cleaning, regilding, re-carving and complete refixing of memorials

All memorials are repaired and erected to current N.A.M.M. standards

Additional inscriptions can be hand carved to match existing carved letters

Many memorials are now removed at time of interment with the bereaved feeling obliged to have the funeral director carry out the work, this is however not the case as I can arrange to recover the memorial from storage and complete the additional work

Additional carving can also be carried out on site if the memorial does not allow removal

For further details please
contact me on
01455 891765 or

After renovation.
Careful cleaning was carried out to the marble and then the inscription was recarved and enameled..

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